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From: Alvin Phang

Wednesday, 5:04pm


Greetings gaming brothers,


As you know, DotA has been gaining in popularity among gamers worldwide & battle.net. Nearly 80% of all gamers in battle.net plays DotA-Allstars! With many national competitions such as World GameMasters Tournaments, DotA Lan Tournaments, DotA Leagues, CAL Leagues and many more.... You just know that this year is going to be a whole new war zone and possibly the best DotA gameplay ever!


With $5000 worth of cash prizes or more up for grabs, the war zone level has been harder then ever. As a pro-gamer, we know that you strive for every available opportunity to improve your game.


Our team of dedicated, experienced, and battle-hardened players practically eat, sleep & breathe DotA-allstars. The tips from our strategy guides give you the "unfair" advantage you need to gain the upper hand and crush your enemies.


As a pro-gamer who wants to take advantage of every opportunity available to improve your game.... you have come to the right place.


Why us? It's because we preach what we teach, we do not simply tell you stuff that do not work. We basically eat, sleep and breath DotA-allstars, and have a team of dedicated experience players to help you stay on the upper edge of others with our strategy guides.


Don't take my word for it, hear what others have said about our guides.


A very comprehensive introduction to AP drafting, covering about everything you will need to learn before playing DotA competitively. For anyone who has just formed a team or is planning to form a DotA team for higher level matches, reading this book is probably the easiest way to improve. It's clear, concise, and has practical knowledge that you can put to use in almost every game
-- Ant , Pro Gamer from Clan Zenith (Rated 1st in many major competitions)
rated: 10/10 - 2 thumbs up!

It's a nice job. All-in-all it's a nice guide which covers most of the basics of DotA strategies, would recommend to friends.
-- Beast_Pete, Dota-allstars Moderator
rated: 8/10


How can we help YOU dominate DotA-AllStars?


Getting the most out of your game time is much simpler than you can imagine. We are going to let you into a simple yet powerful secret, that sets the top players apart from the rest of the pack.


Top teams understand that the key to the game is

having a well planned draft in tournaments


Regardless of how fantastic your skills are or how good you are with a specific type of hero, if you do not have a good draft plan within your team, you'll never be as successful as you want to be.


Fortunately there is a solution to this problem. We are already developing a new guide that is guaranteed to allow your team to be one step higher then the rest.


It is called the "DotA-Allstars Secret Playbook" .


What sets this playbook apart from the typical guides that you see freely available?


We reveal to you exactly what the top teams do

and how they plan their tournaments!


This Guide is packed with everything

you need to know about DotA-Allstars:


The Secret Playbook by the Pros for DotA-Allstars is crammed with tons of tips, strategies, tactics and resources to take you to the top of your game.


Here's a look at the different sections you'll see in our guide...


Section #1:


Get tips on how the Pros plan their Pusher's Strategy


Learn how a Pusher Strategy can help you in your game

Understanding of important points to be considered when planning a pusher strategy. This will help you to balance up your strategy planning.


Definition of a Pusher heroes category

Not sure which heroes are suitable pusher strategy? we teach you what to look out for and which heroes are good push heroes.


Learn how to effectively use a Pusher's Strategy

It's great to plan for a pusher's strategy, but how do you apply it into action effectively? The Dotatips team takes you though them and gives you all the advanced tactics & information you need.



Master the items and skills you need

We give you the ins and outs of how to maximize your hero's skills and items. Learn when and where to put them into action!


Section #2:


Become an All Pro Late Gamer


Make the choices of heroes every time

This section will give you the skills you need to effectively choose the right heroes for the right purposes to be a late gamer.


Learn what the pros use and why!

Have you wondered how pro-gamers push so fast in tournaments? We will show you examples by clan DsD and what they use in tournaments.


What to look for in choosing good heroes?

Puzzled as to which heroes to use for your pushing strategy? Our team of experts will guide you thoroughly with Q and As things to look out for to effectively choose good heroes.


Identify what type of strategy your opponents are using!

Not sure who you are competing against? We will give you valuable tips and hints of what to look for to identify to help you plan your draft more effectively.

Section #3:


Here is your KEY to Drafting!


The right skills/spells are the right time

Understanding what to look out for when deciding which heroes to use; choose wisely after analyzing their skill and spell capabilities.


Lethal AoE!

Killer AoE combos that you can use in your draft to get the ultimate result!


Is Healer a must?

We break down heroes who are healers and how they are been used in tournaments!


What your drafts MUST HAVE!

We let you in on the must-haves of all the top clans! Do not miss out on this!

Section #4:


Strengthen your Team with better Laning!


Common Laning Practices

Understanding the 2 types of laning that pros use in tournaments!


Winning with 3 heroes in the middle!

Yes you heard it right, you can win in matches with the 1-3-1 system! Our team will guide you through how to use it and demonstrate its vital importance.


What heroes to use in the traditional 2-1-2 system

We will show you Examples from the top clans like Mi2 and Pugna what they used in this system and explain the combinations you can use, as effectively as them.


The Ultimate Middle Push Strategy

Killer heroes, you can use to Push the middle quickly and what you can do to prevent people from stopping your attack.


Laning Image

Section #5:


Dominate the WHOLE MAP!



Map control is an essential part of the game if you want to win. Learn how to legally take control of the map with wards!


Warding Effectively

Don't waste your wards on useless planted spots! We will show you the best places to plant wards for massive devastation!




How to avoid backstab by proper placement tips provided by our expert teams!


plus many many more valuable tips!!


"The Complete Package for DotA-Allstars    Domination -- Only at Dotatips.com "


Here's what you get!

The complete guide to a pusher strategy. Implementing the right tactics and tips effectively roll it all out!


The complete guide to a farming strategy. Choose the right heroes & strategies to beat your enemies in late games!

Expert Drafting guide to winning in both strategies. Advanced tactics and strategies that only the best players ...until now.


Comprehensive Laning guide. With diagrams and examples of how to lane your heroes in the right places at the right time!


The complete guide to Map Control. Map hacking legality, backstabbing tips, total map domination!

...wait, there's more! As a result of Dota-Allstars is constantly changing and updating we have decided to offer this special bonus to you.


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To celebrate the new launch of our product we are offering to our readers, FREE Lifetime updates. You can be sure that the guide you get today will be just as powerful & latest.


Hurry, offer valid to our 1st 500 readers ONLY!


@ DotAtips.com, we are so confident in our

Secret DotA Playbook that we invite you to

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Take up our offer to experiment with our 14 days trial, and examine yourself how the Secret DotA Playbook work for you!. You will have a full 14 days to put this valuable guide right to work in your game and tournaments at absorbingly risk free!

Imagine all of the time you'll save in these 14 days alone. No more sleepless nights trying to figure out what to plan for your matches and which heroes to pick. You'll save yourself time so that you can get down to competing!

If you aren't satisfied for any reason, you won't be left holding the "bag". We'll gladly offer you our "Full 100% Money Back guarantee" with no questions asked.

Just return your guide and we'll refund your entire payment. Right up to the final day of this 14 day guarantee!

SPECIAL UPDATE: You're come to our site just in time to take advantage of our special DotAtips launch offer.

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You can spend hour upon hour trolling forums just trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. With the Secret Playbook by the Pros for DotA-Allstars you can accelerate right over the learning curve and really get a step closer to being a pro gamer.

Do you want to avoid being pounded online? Want to take those kids to school that have 6 hours a day to play the game? Just looking for some tips to take your game over the top?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions and are serious about taking your game to the next level, here are two easy ways to place your order:

Click here to order the Secret DotA Playbook right now with Paypal. You will receive your e-book guide via email within 24 hours!
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dota book cover


Alvin Phang -- CEO

P.S.If you don't get your copy today, then you are putting yourself at a serious competitive disadvantage.

While you are at work or school, there will be tons of players prepping in the lab and waiting to spank your butt as soon as you get online.

I can't promise you that you will become the greatest player ever known to man, because I don't know how much time you will to devote to learning our strategies.

What I can promise you is that if you apply the strategies and tactics that we break down in this guide, you & your team will improve. You will be more competitive and you will win more games than ever before.

Think about it, what you pay for a movie ticket and a pack of popcorn can get you tremendous victories in tournaments & possibly win you thousands of dollars in prize money $$$!!!!

Reserve your copy today, please click here now!

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